Test About

I’m always on the lookout for challenging projects to take on with passionate people who give a damn.


the present

The common thread that ties my career together is an innate desire to learn and challenge myself along with a mission to use design to create change. 

My graphic design education (BA + MFA) gave me a solid foundation of the basic principles of design. Everything I design stems from this core skill to Each project ever since has been opportunity to further develop an eye for compelling composition, precise typesetting and attention to the smallest details. This strong foundation has allowed me to successfully explore multiple facets of design, from editorial projects to responsive web-design and other digital products.


My academic background is in graphic design—BA (Brazil, 2004) and an MFA (France, 2008). While in Europe, I worked in studios in France and Switzerland and started collaborating with NGOs on developing a myriad of culturally specific projects. Building on the incredible experience of working closely with small, grassroots organizations and passionate entrepreneurs to advance purposeful causes I launched a branding studio in Rio de Janeiro. This new step led me to an MBA in Marketing (Brazil, 2013) that helped me develop the skills needed to think and act toward achieving results that add value to both customers and companies. And for a long time I thought that the best way for me to help organizations succeed was by crafting unique brands. But this has been shifting and I’m now leaning towards providing exceptional user-centered digital experiences.

what i do

UX and UI design;
Branding (Naming, brand strategy, positioning);
Visual Identity and communication;
Art direction for marketing initiatives.